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This product will cause you to create new and unusual effects ! We know you will have fun with this effect and get pleasure and inspiration when operating Le Masque: Delay .....

Le Masque: Delay is a revolutionary Time Line driven Delay Effect which can be used to perform unique and totally new Delay based effects in a fast and intuitive way.

Le Masque :Delay lets you specify in a very accurate way which part(s) of the dry signal will be processed by the Delay unit and its components and modulators.

The Masked zones of the grid are processed by the Delay Unit, while every audio data outside the Masks stays untouched.

The Grid is synced to your Daw, or to its internal clock.


To accomplish this task, Le Masque: Delay inherits the renowned XILS-lab filters and all the experience accumulated from the making of Virtual Analog synthesizers and audio effects.

But Le Masque: Delay can also perform like a regular Delay.

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