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Les Diffuseurs

Ondes Martenot diffuseurs inspired reverb units.

2 Legendary speakers, La palme and Le Metallique

Les Diffuseurs (La Palme and Le Metallique bundle) are inspired by famous and highly unique speakers (called “diffuseurs”) that came with the Ondes Martenot, featuring a palm-shaped resonance chamber laced with 12 strings or a gong cabinet, which adds a specific metallic character to the Ondes Martenot sound.





With the help of Nori Ubukata and Yves Usson we reproduced these classic speakers, La Palme and Le Metallique. In addition, more possibilities have been added, such as the ability to mute any string, global transposition and real-time change of the gong's size.


But this was not enough!

The True Stereo Dynamic Engine ( TSDE ):

We pushed the concept even further by offering a True Stereo engine, so that you could position the two units, left and right, in a stereo image. True Stereo doesn’t mean a simple panoramic tool, with our TSDE you can place a speaker in front of the stereo field or farther back: You master the Space!


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