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PolyKB II Player
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PolyKB II Player

a very affordable way to enjoy the PolyKB Sounds

The PolyKB II Player is much more than a simple player. It's also a fully featured real synth.

It gives you the ability to fully customize 8 parameters you can select from a large list: ADSR values, Filter Cut Off and resonance, etc. See the complete list of parameters in the Features page.

But there's more: These parameters can also receive full automation via midi CC. Its rather rare to have to automate more than 8 controls in real time for a preset, in addition to all of the real time controls already contained in the preset and made available by our Sound Designers (I.e. the original Mod Wheel, After Touch, Velocity, LFO and envelope modulation assignations)

The PolyKB II Player also comes with the same acclaimed 250 high quality preset library as its big brother.

It’s also fully compatible with our Analog Bags 1 & 2 Add On soundbanks, as well as with some 3rd party soundsets, so you can extend the original library at a very affordable price. All your custom patches are also saved via your host, and projects using custom patches are saved with all your edits.

The PolyKB II Player is protected with a serial number so no USB dongle is required!