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The PolyM


The Divided Down Oscillators 'Pleasure Principle'  

Unique features, unique sound: A few factors were integral in creating the iconic sound of the PolyM’s glorious ancestor: Two T.O.D Oscillators (Top Octave dividers), with PER NOTE Pulse Width Modulation, initially used to get a big polyphony (at this time), a gritty Moog designed 24dB Ladder Filter, an acoustic Filter Bank and, finally, a character rich Resonator Bank.   

More than two years spent analyzing our Polymoog synthesizer showed us that the most important part when recreating the true character of the sound is the Top Octave Divider Oscillators. So during several months, we worked on modeling Polymoog's oscillators in a way no one else did. A true Divide Down algorithm that brings the true sound of the Polymoog.   

The legendary Vox Humana sound, popularized by Gary Numan in his song Cars, can now be played by anyone with our PolyM making it possible to deliver that authentic sound you would never have found without using the original classic synth.



71 chips…: To take up the emulation gauntlet, more than two years were necessary to closely, patiently, model these 71 components to finally come up with the best and most versatile Divided-down synthesizer ever made.

And beyond: We were able to expose parameters that were not accessible on the original instrument, allowing you to dive into the machinery and mod it without a screwdriver, a soldering iron and electronic components. We also added a more traditional analog VCA ADSR, a plethora of LFOs to modulate almost everything, and a trio of vintage sounding effects among others things.

Using divide-down technology offers a particular sound for Chords, Strings and Pads you won't find in any other synthesizer.


More: With this unit, feeding a monophonic zero-delay 24dB self-oscillating filter, retriggered by keyboard strokes, gives you the possibility of playing huge sounds in a way that no other synthesizer can (PolyPedal behaviour emulated). Original presets, like 'Vox Humana', are also on board: Beyond the Pleasure Principal!

For more pleasure playing chords, an Advanced Arpeggiator has been developed and integrated in version 1.5

All these signature effects are available to process any instruments and sounds in your collection as a VST effect.

The PolyM is also NKS compatible. And with the Advanced Preset Manager, you'll be able to find the right sound in seconds, thanks to its multi-criteria search engine, as well as to easily manage all your sound collections.

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