Les Diffuseurs released

Les Diffuseurs Released: Launch Offer until May 15th, 2024

To celebrate the release of les Diffuseurs, we are taking 50% off our usual…but only until May 15th, 2024! 

Don't wait to add these unique Reverb units to your sonic arsenal... 

...for only 45€ instead of 89€!

Les Diffuseurs (La Palme and Le Metallique) are inspired by famous speakers (called “diffuseurs”) that came with the Ondes Martenot, featuring a resonance chamber laced with 12 strings for the first or a gong for the later.

With the help of Nori Ubukata and Yves Usson we reproduced these classic speakers, La Palme and Le Metallique. In addition, more possibilities have been added, such as the ability to mute any string, global transposition and real-time change of the gong's size.

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